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If you’ve come from any of our Shop MI Sites (,,, and to understand how to advertise on one of our sites, you’re in the right place. We offer the following advertising opportunities across all of our Michigan sites, and are happy to meet with you to discuss how best to promote your business.

Our goal for each of the Shop Michigan Sites, has been to drive families like ours, to amazing businesses all over the Upper Peninsula. Not only did we build this site by hand, one business at a time, but we are also actively marketing your businesses through this website on social media and search engines, like Facebook, Google and Bing.

When you advertise with us, a portion goes directly back into advertising in cities like Grand Rapids, Lansing, Milwaukee, Madison, Green Bay, and Detroit. Which hopefully puts money back in your pocket.

There are a few places on each of our websites where your business can be featured, learn more about each, below.

Home Page

Featured Business
Promote your business advertisement

The Featured Business section of our Home page is probably the most valuable place you can be on our website. We limit the number of Featured Businesses to 6. What that means is that every guest visitor will be immediately presented with your business logo or custom advertisement when they visit our site.

You can purchase a Featured Business spot one month at a time ($50/month), or get discounts for multi-month purchases.

For the Featured Business, we use your logo, which is really simple for us. When a visitor clicks on the logo, they are taken directly to your business page in our directory. From there they can find directions, call or e-mail you, or click on a link to go directly to your website.

Whatever you do, don’t wait. Each of our sites has over 100 businesses, and there are only 6 slots available each month.


Each of our Shop Michigan sites has a similar format, to make it easy for visitors to navigate. In the center of our home page, there are three graphics, descriptions, and links, and each are available to our Sponsors.

As a Sponsor, we’ll place an image, a description of your business, and a link that will take visitors directly to your website. The image will also link back to your website.

To become a Sponsor, the monthly fee is $100, and we offer discounts when purchasing multiple months at a time.

Visit Page

Your business belongs here advertisement

The Businesses on our Visit page are the second most valuable place you can be on our website. We have up to 5 categories, and 5 slots available each month ($25/month).

Like the Featured Business carousel on the Home page, advertised businesses are presented randomly, so your business would be presented to 1 of every 5 visitors who look at our Visit page. Also, you aren’t limited to a single category, so if you’d like to be listed under the Foodie, and Adventurer categories, you can do that as well.

While most customers use their logo, for an additional fee you can send us your custom advertisement which may include text, graphics, discount codes, or other directions for your customers. You tell us what you need, and we’ll get it added.

We also offer multi-month discounts, which may vary by season and availability. Contact us today to learn more.

Custom Ad

If the above options didn’t quite fit your needs, and you have ideas about how you’d like to advertise your business in a unique way on our website, we are open to a discussion. While we don’t want our website to look like a stapled-up telephone pole, we do want to promote your business. So message us on our contact page and let us know what you are thinking.

Business Directory Page

The Business Directory Pages are free, although we do accept gifts of any amount. We do our best to keep them up-to-date, and wish to provide as much detail to our site visitors as possible. If you can’t find your business on our website, we’d be happy to add it. Just send us a message on the contact page, and we’ll reach out to get the right information. Primarily we’ll ask for a logo or graphic that promotes your business, your phone number, e-mail address, and business street address, along with any social media links, a description of your business, and a link to your website.

Our hope is that by being included in our directory, your business gets at least one in-person, paying customer that wouldn’t have otherwise come to your store. If that’s something you find valuable, please consider a gift of any amount.

If you are looking for a recommended amount, consider donating the value that one paying customer brings to your business. Perhaps that’s a $15 meal, a $35 gift purchase, a $50 ride, or a $99 night stay, but regardless of your gift, we want to serve you. Just let us know how we can make your business stand out among the rest.


For the tech-savvy, we do provide referral links (backlinks) to your website, and we do analyze site traffic regularly to see where our visitors are coming from and going.

If your business is in our directory, we would love the opportunity to have a link from your website back to ours. We’re happy to have one of our team members walk you through the process on your website, or to provide guidance on how to do it via e-mail. Just let us know.

Window Decal

We want to help you advertise locally, your business, and the businesses around you. So we’ve created small window decals like the one on the left, that you can put on your door or storefront for visitors to scan when they visit. We’ll send you one free of charge at your request. Just contact us with your best address, and we’ll drop it in the mail.


We just want to take a moment to thank you for visiting our advertising page. Whether you advertise with us this year or not, we hope it’s the best year ever for you, your business, and most importantly for your family. Jeremiah and I are both looking forward to bringing our families to the UP this summer, and enjoying businesses like yours as we travel through some of the best country-side Michigan has to offer.

Stephens Insight Group LLC (SIG) reserves the right to decline advertisements, graphics, and content that we determine to be inappropriate for families with children. We want our site to be family friendly, clean, and enjoyable for all individuals alike. SIG also reserves the right to make changes to pricing, graphic sizes, page layouts, and duration and visibility of content as needed to ensure a pleasant experience for our guests, donors, sponsors, and advertisers.